Cinnamon~ It’s amazing

October is finally here! What better time to indulge in…CINNAMON! It’s an amazing spice that goes well with all sorts of foods and drinks.  It’s not just for pasteries! Besides being delicious, here are more reasons to enjoy Cinnamon:

~ It will help regulate your blood sugar levels.  That means less ups and downs with your energy and mood as you get through your day…so why not add some in your coffee?

~It has anti-infectious componds and it helps reduce pain. For Ulcers and other bacterias, it will benefit to help (along with proper care from a trusted medical doctor) Also, studies at the Department of Internal Medicine, Gangnam Korean Hospital found that it helps arthritis! (Gangnam style is so much more than the dance 😉 )

~It helps with menstrual pain…Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  A regular consumption of Cinnamon can help regulate those cramps by balacing the progesterone and testoserone in your body…This is where the Cinnamon bun is justified^^~~~

Sprinkle is on your fruits, add it to you tea or coffee, sneak it in your next vegetable strir fry or your marinate…Cinnamon is to be celebrated!

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