Stop and smell the flowers~

Hectic day? Too much to do? Too little time? Or maybe you’re one of those amazing beings that have too much energy and can’t quite get the hang of focusing it in the right direction~

Whatever being you be, this one’s for you~ With love from me^^

Start with something fun~ paint a picture, run a marathon, read a new book, memorize the words to “Baby got back” Here, I’ll help you with that one~

Or maybe you want to master a new yoga pose? How about Crow pose? That’s fun isn’t it? Here’s a nice article to help you with that~ You want to have fun but you also want to do it right, non?

Make sure you stay hydrated, ask your body what it needs and laugh…whatever you do, laugh!

And of course, keep dancing my lovelies…through the good days, the bad days and those weird days you just don’t know what happened.

It’s when you have fun that the best in you comes out~ Go get ’em tiger! Raaawwwrrrrr~


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