As an artist, we are all faced with the big dilemma of creativity~ How do you get it? Do you control it? Where does it come from? And the list goes on. 

Everyone has an opinion about it, no matter what drives you~ painting, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, building. Is there a set formula for getting more?

Some think that cats can help you find inspiration~

These days there are no end to ways a person can find their inner creative master~ Facebook has an endless supply of motivational cards like this~

One or two is great but when you have a friend that posts 20 of these in a row every day, it’s enough to drive a person off of Facebook~ well, maybe for fifteen minutes.

There’s also pintrest, where people “pin” pictures and articles they like. Youtube helps with their wide variety of videos. TEDtalks are fabulous to inspire just a click away like Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on creativity~ here And there are many other social medias out there, waiting for us to connect.

Christine Kane took the time to make a whole list for people in a rut~ 21 Ways to Be More Creative

From all the reading I’ve done, videos I’ve watched, events I’ve attended and participated in, there’s only one thing I can conclude~


We look outside of ourselves and see our friends, family, coworkers, strangers and let their being flood us and it moves our own creative energy.

There’s beauty in sharing and creating~


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