A little Inspiration~

Hello, Bonjour, Anneyong, Guten Tag, Namaste!

I’m getting ready to read yet another story for tomorrow’s WordSmith. Many worries come to mind. Any artist can agree, the fear of sharing your art is a big one to overcome.

The greatest worry I have is in sharing a story, art with words.

Will they understand?

What if they get bored?

What if I can’t sound coherent in my reading?

And so, to soothe the fear, I went through youtube videos and watched other people doing just that, sharing a story through words, spoken words are indeed a powerful form of communication.

Here is one of the many videos that blew me away—> Why I hate School but love Education 

See for yourself and make your own opinion.

Personally, standing up and saying something that goes against the majority of what people think takes a lot of courage…and to do it with such flow? Well done sir!


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