By Kala Séraphin

Val walked into the department store, rushing through the crowd. She was in a hurry to find panty hose. It was Saturday night and she had a date but no suitable panty hose to wear with her little black dress. She wanted to make a good impression on this mystery man. Val had considered going without but she didn’t want him to think she was trashy or easy. So it was, at the last possible moment, Val went on a hunt for panty hose.

“How can it get any better than this?” She cheered as the coveted undergarment was found.

Marc walked into the dark night club, shoulders stooped and hands in his pockets. He didn’t want to make eye contact just yet. He was still swallowing his pride from his canceled date with his girlfriend. With quick strides, he found his friends at the VIP table, already working on their second bottle of tequila.

“Marc! What are you doing? I thought you and the misses had hot plans,” asked Nate, waving his shot glass around.

Marc sat down and served himself a shot of tequila.

“What’s wrong? Little miss perfect wouldn’t give you head?” Sandy asked, giggling drunkenly.
After two more shots of tequila, Marc looked to his friends with irritation burning in his eyes.

“She canceled…again. Apparently, her work is giving her all these extra projects.” He explained. The tone of his voice going from irritated to angry as he poured himself another serving of tequila.

“Dump her; she’s just not that interested. Who cares? Stop whining and go get another girl.” Nate suggested as he took the bottle away from Marc.

“I can’t just do that. She’s an amazing girl and I want to be with her. I just wished she made me a higher priority in her life.” Marc mumbled.

Everyone else around the table rolled their eyes. They were all too familiar with Marc’s romanticism. His friends thought it was a bit over the top how he would focus all his energy on one girl. He would end up frustrated and angry when events would not go his way.

Sandy comforted Marc with a hand on his knee.
“Ok, we get that. Maybe, just for tonight, you can put that perfect girl aside and find someone here. I think fucking someone’s brains out will help with the frustration.” Her suggestion came naturally, with a nurturing tone to it.

“Shut up Sandy! Marc’s too much of a knight in shining armor to do that.” Nate’s comment came out clumsily as he fumbled to get another drink ready.

Marc sat back, brooding over what his friends were insinuating. He looked over at the crowd of bodies, moving and gyrating, thinking themselves the best dancers. Some of the girls were kind of attractive to him. Marc couldn’t picture himself kissing any of them, let alone sleeping with them.

He was firm in this belief until he saw a cute redhead walk in the club. There was something about her bright red hair and pale skin. It was as if she was shinning in the darkness of the club. It sent a strong shiver down his back. Marc followed her with his eyes as she moved to the bar. He licked his lips and studied her. She waved over the bartender who took her order. While waiting, she looked around innocently, bobbing her head to the beat of the music. Her cocktail arrived and she took the first sip with closed eyes. Right then and there, Marc knew he needed her. Watching her made his primal urges surface, whispering of impending conquests.

Sandy noticed her friend’s attention and smiled. She put a drink in his hand and whispered in his ear:

“Go get her tiger.”

Marc slowly weaved his way through the crowd, dodging drunken couples and clumsy dancers. He made it to the bar only to find that the redhead was gone. He looked around, disappointed and went back to sit with his friends. He continued to drink and brood, imagining the redhead.

The music pulsed loudly, inviting the inebriated guests to move in what looked like a mating dance. As the night wore on, the crowd thinned out as couples stumbled out, arm-in-arm. Marc was about to leave when she sat at his table, uninvited. She had a cocktail in her hand and a smile on her red lips.

“Hi.” She had a strong Slavic accent.

Marc blinked once, twice and leaned on the table to get a better look. It was indeed the magnetic redhead. At a closer range, Marc felt even more attracted to her. He felt a pull towards her.

“Hey, hi. How are you?” He mumbled his first sentence in hours. His tongue was heavy with alcohol.

The girl made a strange, upset face which looked endearing to him.

“I had a date but he stood me up. It took me so long to get ready that I decided to go out alone anyways. Every guy I’ve talked to were mean or rude. This is such a horrible night.” As she explained her failed plans, the girl slid closer to Marc.

“I understand. My girlfriend canceled on me too,” Marc quickly replied. He instantly regretted the mention of his girlfriend. It reminded him of the dishonorable plans he had, making him feel guilty.

The girl was not distraught by the comment. She snuggled closer to Marc and whispered in his ear:
“Would you like to help cheer me up?”

As he enthusiastically nodded, Marc wrapped an arm around her waist. He felt two small bumps on her hip.

“What’s that?” He asked without thinking.

“They’re cysts. It’s nothing serious; I get them every now and then.” She explained.

There was another moment of doubt as Marc moved his hand away from the strange growth. Because of all the alcohol in his system, he ignored the warning sign and continued to flirt with the beautiful woman. Their conversation fumbled around superficial introductory banter. After exchanging names and hobbies, the couple decided they needed a quiet place to continue talking about sushi restaurants.

It was a short taxi ride to Marc’s apartment. The couple stumbled to the elevator. Marc tried to kiss her, yet she kept holding him back, asking him to wait just a little longer. Being at close proximity made him more aware of the energetic pull she emanated. It was a warm and inviting aura that promised sensual caresses and exciting sensations. Marc felt compelled to press his lips all over her body.

Within seconds of entering his home, Marc pulled off his sweater. She dashed into the bathroom, quickly locking the door.
As he waited, Marc discarded his pants and paced through the living room and kitchen, feeling the tension rise in his gut. He was anticipating the sweet relief of the beautiful redhead.

A picture of his girlfriend on the refrigerator door gave Marc a moment of hesitation. He looked at it, admiring her beautiful smile. How could he so easily dishonor her trust by sleeping with a stranger he met in a club? Was following his impulses the right course of action? If he had intercourse with her, would that make him no better than mindless animals? Then again, were animals truly mindless? What if the secret behind humanity was to let instincts prevail and live less by restriction? All these thoughts danced in his mind as Marc started to regain some lucidity.

The strong pull suddenly called to him again. He turned around to find her standing naked. Her body looked so beautiful and soft. He let his vision roam over her curves, enjoying the lines of her hips guiding his eyes to a territory of secret treasures. His mouth watered when he noticed her erect nipples, calling out to him. He even found the two cysts on her hip kind of attractive.

There were no longer questions to the nature of humanity, right or wrong actions or even a girlfriend. Marc took two strides and had her in his arms. Her flesh was softer than he imagined; the warmth spread to his hands, up his arms and through his body. Marc had reached his boiling point in desire. He pressed his lips to her neck, feeling intoxicated by her perfume. She tasted as sweet as he imagined. His adrenaline coursed through his veins at an alarming speed. His heart beat hard against his chest; his hands trembled as they roamed her body urgently. The excitement reached a level Marc had never felt before. He thought that at any moment, he might explode with pleasure.

Suddenly, Marc noticed that all these sensations were telling him something different. Her scent became suffocating and the warmth of her body started to burn. He wanted to pull away but found that he couldn’t. There wasn’t any feeling in his lips and his jaw was locked. He panicked when he couldn’t move his hands from her back. There were no longer any hands to move. They melted into her back, slowly consuming him. Marc’s face continued to meld with the throat he was kissing. Soon after realizing what was happening, he stopped struggling and let himself be consumed by the beautiful stranger until there was nothing left but his testicles jutting out of her right ribs, looking a lot like two cysts.

Val went to the bathroom, feeling full and satisfied. As she slipped her black dress on, she hummed an old Broadway tune. She adjusted her make-up and hair, smiling brightly. After the two offerings of the night, she was certain to have at least one baby by one of them. She was excited to finally become a mother and looked forward to all the stages of motherhood.


An uncommon love story for Valentine’s day.

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